How virtual era could redefine Canada’s economic system

Digital technologies are converting not only what occurs in our financial system; they’re also changing their essential individual. At this second, a 3D printer is generating a human substitute organ the use of a virtual model and the patient’s cells. As you study this, iron ore is being extracted from a mine in Australia by […]

How China the copycat became a tech giant to rival the USA

When Matthew Scott turned into transferred to China to work as an engineer at Microsoft in 2006, he in no way concept there might be an opportunity to build his very own begin-up there. But, eschewing conventional innovation hub Silicon Valley, the American stayed on in China and is today the co-founder of an artificial […]

Telecom insiders detail hardships posed with the aid of Chinese technology ban

Democratic Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Geoffrey Starks hosted a workshop on June 27 entitled “Find IT, Fix It, Fund It” to pay attention from “fascinated events on the way to address the national security threats posed via insecure equipment inside our communications networks.” Although no longer explicitly said in the Commission’s public notice or […]

Can Seattle emerge as a monetary era hub? Why a few tech leaders are banking on it

Madrona Venture Group managing companion Tom Alberg has witnessed and participated inside the rise of the aerospace, wireless and e-commerce industries in Seattle as an executive and investor, serving as Boeing’s primary counsel, a key McCaw Cellular government and an early Amazon investor and longtime board member. His subsequent purpose: putting Seattle on the map […]

How Technology Helps to Plant Billions of New Trees and Improve Earth’s Environment

I assume a maximum of us agree that weather change is real and that there are multiple elements like fossil fuel, bio-enterprise, deforestation that contribute to it. I found out that one essential factor is deforestation. We want extra ‘carbon sinks’ to save the CO2, however slightly, we lose woodland at an acceleration pace. Trees […]

This World Cup, which crew will win? Or Has Technology Already Won?

Cricket has come a long manner considering its creation onto the sector stage. Rules have developed, the mind-set and technique of the players have changed, and it’s become a quick-paced recreation cherished by way of billions throughout the globe. All of those changes have come about due to technological advancements in how the game is […]

Text claw and additional eyelids: Is this sincerely how we’ll appearance within the future?

If it isn’t clear by means of now, we people positive love our technology. And while the huge range of linked devices in our on-call for world can certainly make life greater handy than it is ever been, the technological goodness we an increasing number of enjoy can also come with bad aspect consequences. Think […]

New sun technology may want to produce easy ingesting water for millions in need

Tanklike gadgets referred to as sun stills use the sun to evaporate dirty or salty water and condense the vapor into safe ingesting water. But huge, luxurious stills can most effective produce enough water for a small own family. Now, researchers have developed a brand new cloth that speeds the method of evaporation, permitting a […]

Cocaine Is Back. Blame Technology for It.

“Uberization of the cocaine exchange”? That’s not a funny story. Fresh reports on illegal drug use from the United Nations and the European Union show that the cocaine market is growing hastily, and technological progress has plenty to do with it. The opioid epidemic stays largely a U.S. Phenomenon, driven by the high availability of […]

From Miniature Satellites to Giant Sun Shields

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the primary Apollo moon touchdown. This become viable thanks to an amazing acceleration of area technology. Within a remarkably brief time frame leading up to the occasion, engineers had mastered rocket propulsion, on-board computing, and area operations, partially thanks to an essentially unlimited finances. Since the times of […]