Ava DuVernay has extended a dinner invitation to Megan Rapinoe after the U.S. Soccer famous person scoffed on the concept of traveling the White House during a recent interview.

The director of acclaimed Netflix miniseries “When They See Us” tweeted to Rapinoe on Wednesday, calling the national soccer crew’s co-captain a badass.
“Killing it on the sector,” she wrote earlier than referencing President Donald Trump’s records of serving athletes fast food at the White House. “Got oldsters mad reason you don’t wanna devour fast meals at their residence.”

She persisted, “Just keep shining. And I humbly invite you to dinner at my residence anytime. Until then, I’ll watch this video of you being cool and epic. Onward!”
In a video clip of an Eight by using Eight interview launched Tuesday, Rapinoe responds to a query about the prospect of a White House go to through pronouncing, “I’m not going to the fucking White House.”

Her comments sparked extensive praise on social media, and a response from the president himself.
“Megan need to never disrespect our Country, the White House, or our Flag, specifically considering the fact that a lot has been done for her & the group,” he wrote on Twitter Wednesday, along side a chain of other tweets. “Be proud of the Flag which you put on.”

Trump also extended an invite to the national team inside the collection of tweets after sneering that the World Cup champion ought to “WIN first earlier than she TALKS!”
Rapinoe, who helped her group to victory on the 2015 World Cup, extensively kneeled at some point of the countrywide anthem at a soccer sport in 2016, in team spirit with the peaceful protests for civil rights sparked with the aid of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The football celebrity is identified because the first high-profile white or girl athlete to have accompanied Kaepernick’s anti-racism protests by way of kneeling at some stage in the anthem.
Rapinoe instructed NBC Sports at the time that her protest become “something small” and that she hoped to maintain to “spark some significant communique around it.”
The 33-year-vintage, who got here out as gay in 2012, additionally delivered on the time: “Being a gay American, I understand what it approach to have a look at the flag and now not have it shield all your liberties.”

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