According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 40% of Americans, over ninety-three million human beings are obese. In addition to the plain terrible fitness consequences of weight problems, the monetary effect is wonderful, with annual medical charges related to weight problems hiking to over $one hundred ninety billion dollars. As a result, the weight reduction market is projected to be a 253 billion dollar marketplace by 2024, and there is a slew of progressive products hitting the marketplace to resource in weight reduction.

One of the ultra-modern is the Food Pill Diet. Science fiction has anticipated meals being compressed into pill shape for over one hundred years and the group at the back of Food Pill Diet is well on its way to attaining it. The technological know-how in the back of this patent-pending weight-reduction plan method is that if you do not flavor your food then you can trick your frame into now not feeling hungry. They declare that this lets in you to be on a low-calorie weight loss plan with a great deal much less issue than if you are constantly fighting cravings.

Founder, Dan McGuire, serial inventor and entrepreneur, came up with the idea at the same time as at the Singularity University Global Solution Program (sponsored by Google) where he lived on the NASA Ames Research base in Mountain View along with ninety of the best PhDs, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs to paintings on answers to remedy climate trade. It became here that he hit on an idea which, to his mind allows solving the obesity epidemic, rising healthcare expenses, and weather change.

While inside the application, McGuire researched the private experience of starvation. He noticed that the lack of a feel of taste turned into time and again connected to weight loss. For instance, when people become old and begin to lose the experience of flavor, they continually start to lose weight; or if someone takes medication that has an aspect impact of them dropping their feel of taste, they also continually shed pounds.
The First Test Case

McGuire theorized that if you could get calories into the frame with out tasting the meals, then one could mitigate the uncomfortable desire to devour more. Like many scientists, he ended up being his very own first check concern because of a rupture of a disc in his again a year earlier. Since the injury, he had received a great deal of weight and a medical doctor warned McGuire that he now had high blood strain, high LDL cholesterol, excessive triglycerides, and become pre-diabetic.

Under heavy medical doctor supervision, he determined to give up conventional meals and devour simplest food drugs for three months, scientifically journal the entirety. After several research, McGuire determined to take fifty food drugs in step with the meal with eight food a day; equaling a total of 400 food pills an afternoon. The 100% plant-based weight-reduction plan would equal 1,000 energy an afternoon and additionally could provide him with all of his advocated each day vitamins and minerals. He did his blood paintings before he started, weeks into the food plan, and then on the quit. He additionally created a video diary of the entire adventure and the weekly results. Overall, his weight loss journey turned into an achievement: He misplaced 65 lbs in 12 weeks averaging five lbs. A week and, greater importantly, became able to carry high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, and excessive triglycerides all returned to normal degrees with none medicine.

McGuire’s private achievement led him to similarly streamline the Food Pill Diet and record for a patent. He ran a beta institution take a look at for three months with six contributors in the beta organization. Three girls, three men, from age 28 to fifty-five where each single test concern had tremendous weight loss. Participants reported that they did no longer feel hungry or deprived. Feelings of deprivation, instead of starvation, are accountable for many humans’ incapacity to live on diets. To be able to food regimen without discomfort could have probably massive effects inside the weight reduction enterprise.

According to a Tom Allison, Resident founder who became a member of this beta check group: “After [three] months, I had lost 30lbs [14kg] and have never felt healthier. What I just like the maximum approximately the weight loss program turned into that I’ve found it easy to paste to—no cravings—I’m getting a hundred% of my RDA—did now not consume many vegetables previously and journey made wholesome consuming hard—and that it fits in very without problems into my nerve-racking agenda—”meals” take seconds. I didn’t have a hassle ingesting the capsules but that received’t suit everyone.” A girl participant stated of the experience: “I’ve been on a variety of diets and experienced shakiness, lightheadedness, or felt dumb however with the Food Pill Diet I do not get those feelings and rather sense mentally alert and capable of taking on challenges at some stage in [the] day with out hunger pains.”

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