Imagine tracking every piece of your Caesar salad from the wheat that has become croutons to the seeds that were romaine lettuce. This is turning into a reality in the meals deliver chain with the adoption of recent generation, and it is growing food safety. In the latest interview, Allison Kopf, CEO, and founder of Artemis shared extra.

The Cultivation Management Platform
Artemis is an employer that provides a Cultivation Management Platform (CMP) to corporation horticulture centers. The CMP helps them manage their human beings, plant life, strategies, and compliance in one area with the purpose of growing profit margins and lowering danger. These companies encompass multi-acre farms that grow crops such as result, greens, plants, and hemp. Artemis’ customers have generated $5 billion in revenue and have grown greater than 800 crop varieties.

“Our platform offers those facilities the chicken’s eye view of operations had to manage productivity and compliance from seed to harvest in what is historically an excessive-chance, low-margin commercial enterprise. Our CMP makes it easy to reveal and control massive, multi-website online operations, with a heavy awareness at the hazard and compliance management aspect of the profit equation. Without an ERP (business enterprise aid making plans) answer, growers depart their enterprise open to danger every day. Without a CMP, they leave their production open to the threat they cannot afford. This is wherein Artemis comes into play,” Kopf says.

The Artemis CMP works by imparting an unmarried pane view of huge-scale horticulture operations. It allows them to do such things as plan workflow and everyday obligations, check in crop batches, allow traceability of crops through the deliver chain, manipulate people, automate paintings logs for meals safety and crop compliance and leverage records insights to growth body of workers performance and crop productiveness. Artemis fills the distance that present ERP solutions do not cover and integrates easily with different software program that an agency horticulture facility makes use of for things like weather manipulate, transport/logistics, accounting, CRM and point of sale commerce.
“We are targeted not most effective on monitoring records but on also making that records on hand and practical for the growers we paintings with. Users can song all of their operations and manufacturing facts remotely from a desktop, tablet or cellphone,” Kopf stocks.
Increasing Food Safety Through Tracking

Technology facilitates farms create a true report of traceability. With Artemis, if an incident occurs, the farm would be capable of hint the crop lower back to its original seed date and area. It ought to see who dealt with the product at diverse degrees during its cycle, spot every data factor related to the crop and keep in mind any other product with comparable situations proactively to reduce any impact of the consider. This also permits the farm to recognize what befell to motive the incident and identify dangers to crop health earlier than it is too late within the destiny.

“The ever-increasing complexity of the meals supply chain has positioned meals protection within the highlight globally. Within horticulture, that’s just a small section of the larger agriculture and food industry; the romaine E. Coli scare in 2018 drew huge public attention to the subject of meals and produce protection. Consumers getting unwell has bad repercussions to companies across the complete meals chain, from growers to providers to restaurants to retail chains,” Kopf says.
According to the United Nations, contaminated food makes 600 million people unwell and kills 420,000 people each 12 months. Technology is playing a bigger function in meals protection, each in detection and prevention. However it is also permitting seed-to-harvest visibility and traceability in the event something happens, and there may be a food recall.

“Companies like Scanit Technologies have modified the way growers locate crop pathogens through enabling the automatic, proactive detection of airborne diseases. A lot of the manual logging of factors like environmental changes, pests, diseases, and different matters that can affect food protection has been digitized these days. What a CMP does is unify all of the information throughout processes where any danger is involved and makes the statistics on hand and actionable in a single region. Now, rather than ready weeks for lab test effects, growers can make actual-time adjustments,” Kopf explains.
Technology will retain to play a more substantial position in meals safety and related compliance troubles within the future. It does not be counted what you develop or the way you promote it because all crop manufacturing is liable to factors that can affect meals protection in adverse approaches. Tech makes tracking and adjusting to these situations faster and more powerful.

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