On the sidelines of the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, Brand Equity met with one of the key entrepreneurs gift at the sector’s biggest advert and advertising enterprise accumulating — Raja Rajamannar, leader advertising and communications officer and president, healthcare business for Mastercard. Edited excerpts from an distinct interview with Amit Bapna:

What’s your view at the Indian market’s potential and Mastercard’s brand play right here?
The possibility is massive right here in India, however we are at the beginning.
We are extraordinarily devoted to make it a success. We recently were given into tier-2 cities for the primary time with our logo marketing campaign with MS Dhoni. We have recognized 10 regions of passion factors that human beings care approximately. We are trying to pick out what kind of ardour factors paintings maximum in India and we are able to get deeper into each of them. Cricket, Bollywood and music would be the 3 identified factors in India.

One of the emblem’s largest assets, the logo, become dramatically altered earlier this 12 months. What satisfied you that it was the proper selection?
It turned into a nicely-considered selection, I had thought approximately it for 2 years.
Our research in extra than 26 international locations confirmed that 80% of human beings regarded the logo with out the call but simply the logo.
That gave us the self assurance. The different cause is that we need to be a life-style logo and no longer a credit card logo. Removing the logo helps in that route too. We have released our first eating place known as Bistro by using Mastercard at Rome airport.

We are launching the second one eating place at upscale Manhattan (New York City). We are curating studies that cash can’t purchase. Two months in the past, we released sonic branding across the globe. We have created 20 distinctive variations and by the quit of yr we are able to have 200 variations.
At Mastercard you’ve created new roles in logo protection and threat control that sit within the marketing function. How well is that this approach working, and might this be the manner ahead throughout categories?

There are limitless factors which might be rising that have an effect on the reputation of a logo.
One unwell worded tweet or a wrongly timed campaign should have a long-lasting effect to the photograph.
Marketers have to be always on a lookout for any viable chance to their brands. This isn’t best approximately making sure that the logo isn’t seen at an undesired place. It is a greater holistic approach concerning identifying and addressing any risk earlier than it becomes a actual challenge. We can absolutely ban a platform or pay a top rate to leverage it, just to guard picture.

We don’t view risk as a four-letter phrase. We’re embracing it and bringing the hazard discipline to the vanguard of all decision making, planning, resource allocation and execution. The new roles and responsibilities round hazard management cross beyond logo protection to also consist of logo health and visibility, logo reputation, information privacy and safety, compliance and organisational education in those regions. The technique has helped the emblem make informed choices. This is the manner ahead for future ahead marketing corporations.

How important is the safety of consumers’ facts and privacy in brand constructing nowadays?
Every marketer must understand that he’s a patron himself. Think approximately your very own options and how you want to be treated. The core tenets of GDPR: responsibility, transparency, consent and person rights are principles every marketer should be aligned with and suppose via as they expand and activate programs.

With the rise in the variety of related gadgets, there may be an vital and possibility to shield the digital ecosystem. We recognize that earning and preserving the consider of our clients, cardholders and purchasers is important for our future.

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