There are principal adjustments at bothered Massena Memorial Hospital
There are a brand new CEO and a new health device coping with the health facility.
David Bender led Gouverneur Hospital’s return to profitability. Now he has the hazard to do the same for Massena Memorial.
He’s been named its new CEO.

“The instantaneous activity goes to be to increase the turnaround plan to place the clinic back on a tune this is financially sustainable,” he said.
He works for St. Lawrence Health System. The kingdom has approved a deal to have St. Lawrence Health System manage Massena Memorial Hospital.
The health center board additionally accredited that deal Thursday.
“The new health center board of managers that we’ve here had honestly persisted and completed their due diligence to ultimately get what we want right here,” Massena town supervisor Steve O’Shaughnessy stated.

The city presently owns the health center. Officials are working toward reworking it right into a private, nonprofit entity.
Bender is the 5th CEO to take the hospital’s helm in the past yr. The sanatorium is in dire financial straights. It has hundreds of thousands of greenbacks in unpaid payments and tens of millions in pension debt.

“We just need to make some fairly dramatic adjustments to get it again into a better situation,” he said.
As big as those changes are, they count on a fair more massive deal. That’s St. Lawrence Health System’s eventual acquisition of Massena Memorial Hospital.
First, the hospital will publish a turnaround plan within 30 days for country approval. And more state approvals might be needed. But Thursday’s action is heralded as a primary step.

“This is a prime step toward the purchase,” O’Shaughnessy stated, “the reality that we’re going to have Canton-Potsdam with its demonstrated track document control our hospital.”
Patrick Facteau has been filling in as CEO in view that March. He will now return to doing his job as hospital leader financial officer full time.
The following is an information release from Massena Memorial:

The New York State Department of Health has accredited an agreement permitting St. Lawrence Health System to be the supervisor of Massena Memorial Hospital, that’s in dire monetary straits. The control settlement, that’s among MMH and St. Lawrence, has additionally been accredited using the Town of Massena.
MMH, SLHS, the Town of Massena, and DOH stated all of them have “an interest in restructuring the management and delivery of healthcare at MMH, to improve its economic viability and to provide a high fashionable of care and offerings.”

Loretta Perez, Chair of the Massena Memorial Hospital Board of Managers, stated: “We should do the whole thing possible to make sure that we retain to have first-class, lower priced, available fitness care offerings for the human beings of Massena and our region. The medical institution’s financial position has continued to become worse over the last several years, and the Board is hopeful that this

the partnership will start to the right the financial deliver as we keep to consciousness on the properly being of humans in our community.”
Massena Town Supervisor Steve O’Shaughnessy stated: “We have a collective duty to make certain that the humans served using our municipal health facility maintain to have to get admission to to satisfactory fitness care. And as metropolis leaders, we’ve got responsibility to ensure that MMH stays financially viable. I stay up for working with the medical institution board and with our new companions at SLHS to ensure persevered satisfactory fitness take care of every body in the region.”

St. Lawrence Health System CEO David Acker said: “SLHS is worked up to be working with the good humans at Massena Memorial Hospital to make certain that nice emergency, medical and health care offerings continue to be had for the people in and around Massena. We will continue working in partnership with MMH and DOH to broaden a turnaround plan focused on the potential to offer the one’s health care offerings in a way this is financially feasible for the network.”
Under the settlement, SLHS need to present the turnaround plan to MMH and DOH inside a month.

St. Lawrence Health System formerly conducted an evaluation of Massena Memorial Hospital’s price range and operations. The assessment found:
· An overview of health center overall performance because 2011 pretty portrays a health center laid low with the outcomes of a declining neighborhood economic system. Net patient carrier sales are for the maximum element flat, but prices continue to grow.
· Like maximum other rural hospitals across the usa, Massena Memorial has seen a pointy decline in utilization, which includes a 50.4 percent decline in stock every day census from 2008 via 2018.

· In conjunction with this decline of middle service usage, a corresponding degradation of the financial performance came about. Net affected person carrier sales did not grow materially while charges rose, resulting in extensive and unsustainable running losses.
· The scale and effect of these ongoing working losses had been masked to a few degrees through non-habitual different running revenue infusions in 3 of the closing five years. From 2014 through 2016 MMH acquired more than $13.2M from NYS in distressed medical institution funding.

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