Students Milan and Sabine Gearing to Launch One-of-a-Kind App

Meet the CEO and co-founding father of Dormzi – Milan M. Kordestani, who is also the co-founding father of Guin Records, and a nationally competing equestrian. Residing in the Bay Area, California and graduating from Sacred Heart Preparatory in 2017, Kordestani now attends college in Colorado. Recognizable for his ranking of 3rd inside the Worlds Championship, 17 and Under Park Division, in 2015 and 2d at the Worlds Championship inside the 5-Gaited Show Pleasure division in 2016, Kordestani is a completed equestrian.

One-of-a-Kind App
Going to university inside the United States is an experience handiest a fortunate few get to have. If you may count number your self as one of the fortunate few, you furthermore may realize that college existence isn’t always usually ‘a laugh’! It’s regularly the first time young adults are living independently, mastering to stability tough teachers with dealing with chores. Studying, preparing meals, doing laundry, and jogging errands take up quite a few unfastened time and are regularly overwhelmingly difficult to manage for full-time college students. At least, in the first few years of university existence, pals can assist, but that rarely counts as a long-term solution. So what do college students dwelling inside the twenty-first century do? They down load an app of direction!

An app called ‘Dormzi,’ set to launch Fall of 2019 pursuits to construct a lifestyle of network, comfort, and safety for college student. Dorms is a gig based totally app; this is simplest handy to college students. If you want services together with tutoring, laundry services, shopping for groceries, or even errand jogging Dorms allow you to gain all of it. It does a majority of these while additionally fulfilling the need to attach socially. Dorms immediately connects college students of the same college collectively, to assist every different with those everyday responsibilities. On the flip aspect, if you want to make a few short cash to have for a rainy day, you could toggle to the work side of the app with an unmarried click on and help your fellow students. An easy but stellar concept to be financially impartial in the course of your instructional years, the app allows students to seamlessly ask for help while also flipping to supporting others in a single click on.

The masterminds behind this app are multiple students from the Silicon Valley – Milan Kordestani and Sabine Rizvi. Milan Kordestani, a student at Colorado College, and Sabine Rizvi at New York University, created the app collectively after Sabine had faced the trials and tribulations of being a student first hand. The reality that Milan takes place to be the son of Silicon Valley multi-millionaire Omid Kordestani, who presently holds the Executive Chairman role at Twitter, may give an explanation for the entrepreneurial spirit in him.

However, no matter the tremendously influential roots, Milan had established himself to be a sole success entrepreneur because of the age of 18 when he created Milan Farms. Now the serial entrepreneur is tackling tech, tunes, and media with startups Dormzi, Guin Records, and The Doe.

Apart from Dormzi, Milan owns multiple different enterprise ventures. Milan installed ‘Guin Records’ alongside together with his sister Misha Kordestani in early 2018. The label changed into created to help impartial Hip Hop and R&B artists and will be signing their first few artists in early 2019. Kordestani’s first mission, Milan Farms, began while he changed into just 15 and focused absolutely on the humane production of poultry and eggs. The farm is also the primary of its kind to supply the expensive spice, saffron via hydroponic way of production. And The Doe, a thriller challenge he’s been keeping from the public.

Milan, the youngster surprise of the commercial enterprise international, is likewise a professionally educated equestrian who sharpens his capabilities throughout his free time. Milan may be very nicely on his way to becoming a youngsters icon. The ethos behind every commercial enterprise is ‘developing for exchange.’ Whether by assisting fellow students, bringing hidden musical talent into the limelight, or with the aid of the use of humane methods of meals manufacturing, Milan Kordestani has a great commercial enterprise head on very accountable shoulders, and we sit up for seeing how those startups grow, and perhaps any destiny initiatives to come.
Dorms, with the intention to be available to each IOS and Android users, has completed alpha checking out and has been in beta trying out at NYU given that late 2018 with plans to release at the app store in sector 3 of 2019.

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